Wave Catalog(v5)


This page is to showcase different wavetables, and provide easy copy/paste for Pico-8, Toot, Or any other projects.

Pico-8's format is provided but the utility cart exists too if you want it. [Pico-8 utility]

Equations for waves generated with math will be given. Note that phase is normalized. Hope it helps! ❤
(If neocities blocks the embedded audio download the page to hear it.)

* Basic Waveforms *

* Variations and Co. *

* Directly sampled *

* Legacy/Misc *

* Equations *

( flip = (phase-0.5)%1, circ = phase*tau )
( fold = (s){(abs(s)<1 or 1-abs(s)>1) and s or fold(sign(s)*(1-abs(s)))} )

⁕ Thanks ⁕

ericb → eventooth help
heracleum → fishbone
luchak → wave designer (comb, talk tube, raspy, transmission)
sim & kozm0nuat → website help